Dr David Holloway | ‘The Moral Clarity of Perpetual War: Deconstructing the Neocon Insurgency’

In this paper I suggest that one way of tackling the more reactionary uses to which the term ‘insurgency’ has been put during the war on terror, is to identify neoconservatism as itself an insurgent ideology in the US and Britain after 9/11. My reading of canonical neocon texts—including publications by the influential think-tank, Project for the New American Century—shows how contemporary neoconservatism discloses its own sectional and insurgent character, despite its claims to “moral clarity” and universal status.

David Holloway is a Senior Lecturer in American Studies at the University of Derby. His books include 9/11 and the War on Terror (2008, Edinburgh University Press) and The Late Modernism of Cormac McCarthy (2002, Greenwood). He is also contributing co-editor of American Visual Cultures (2005, Continuum). He has written for journals including The Southern QuarterlyComparative Literature Studies, Journal of American Studies, and PUBLIC, and has contributed widely to edited collections on American cultural and intellectual history.